Lives, loves … oh, and lesbians

Lives, loves … oh, and lesbians

Show: The L Word. Character Status: Regular. Endgame: Female. Orientation: Bisexual. Show Status: Over. Appeared in seasons: , , , , , Tina was one of the six main characters, in relationship with Bette for 8 years at the start of the show, and they were the seemingly stable, long-term couple of the group, planning to have a baby. Their relationship became strained and they broke up at the end of Season 1. Before Bette, Tina had only dated men. In Season 2, Tina was several months pregnant via artificial insemination and started a relationship with Helena Peabody.

L Word Star Laurel Holloman Files for Divorce

Jennifer Beals steps gracefully out of a black stretch limo in tuxedolike slacks and blouse, her long brown hair piled atop her head. It’s no surprise that the beautiful actress has an attractive date on her arm — except that her date happens to be a woman. Setting that precedent is enough of a burden for any show, but “The L Word” which debuts at 9 p.

Characters. “Tina Kennard”. (Laurel Holloman). Tina Kennard is an attractive white “lesbian,” though her first and only lesbian relationship when the show began.

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been a decade since The L Word was last on air. The seminal series is most associated with its groundbreaking—and now rather dated—representation of early-aughts lesbian life in Los Angeles, with all the teeny tiny glasses, skinny scarves, and problematic perceptions of transgender individuals that came with it. And yet, as a newly platinum blonde Alice Pieszecki once again played by Leisha Hailey puts it in the new teaser for Showtime’s reboot of the series, The L Word: Generation Q , “That hiatus felt really long.

It felt like a decade, right? The teaser, which Showtime released on Thursday with the caption ” gay panic ensues ,” kicks off with Bette Porter Jennifer Beals announcing her bid for mayor of Los Angeles. Clearly, she’s returned from New York City, where she and Tina were about to take off for when the show’s sixth and final season came to an end. But it’s also possible that that move never panned out, seeing as at some point over the past decade, Bette underwent another major life change: She and Tina are officially over—again.

Whether Laurel Holloman, who played Tina in the original series, will make a cameo or two in the reboot remains unclear. Of course, Bette’s already moved on—with one of the show’s newcomers, no less. In between scenes of Bette making out with an apparent underling in her office, and Shane stripping down a lace bra-wearing brunette, we also get a glimpse at Alice’s new life as a talk show host. And apparently head of her own production company, from the look of the pink and blue signs that spell out “Alice Production”—with a suspiciously vaginal-shaped “I” in Alice at that.

Laurel Holloman – Tina Kennard on The L Word

The former L Word star speaks to Rachel Shelley about identity politics and her creative career change. But she really wants to set the record straight. I guess I thought I could be bisexual.

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The Show. The Stories. Consumption and Marketing. Lesbian Visibility. Works Cited. Characters “Tina Kennard” Laurel Holloman. At the end of the third season, Tina begins to explore her bisexuality and enters a relationship with a man, which leads to Bette and Tina’s second break-up and the start of a nasty custody battle. In the fourth season, Tina continues her relationship with Henry, but they break up when Tina’s feelings for Bette re-emerge.

Tina seems the most normal in her photos, i. She is not as over-sexualized from one season to the next as many of the other characters are, though her season 3 photo somewhat conforms to the photos of the rest of the cast. Most of the women are wearing lingerie type tops like the one that Tina wears in season 3. Tina’s season 2 photo seems to try to sexualize her the most, and though she is showing some cleavage in the season 4 photo, she also is portrayed as more sassy and fun.

Tina Kennard, The L Word

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Holloman spoke with The Advocate about her return to The L Word and working with “safety net” Jennifer Beals.

Laurel Holloman Actress:. She’s also played on other TV shows including Angel where she played a vampire. Laurel Holloman is Openly Bisexual:. Although she is married to a man, Laurel Holloman is openly bisexual. When that ended she said, “I looked for other relationships with women and they didn’t happen. More from Laurel Holloman about being Bisexual:.

Laurel says, “I just feel like when you fall in love you can’t help who you fall in love with. You love who you love; it just is what it is. She also said in the Curve magazine interview, ” I wish I had met more women laughs. Laurel Holloman Bisexual Mom:.

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It isn’t surprising that Laurel Lisa Holloman, a southern belle from North Carolina who is yet to turn 40, hates labels – the more open she is, the.

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Laurel Holloman

After 10 long years, we finally know what happened to Jenny Schecter. After being left hanging for a decade, The L Word fans can finally rest easy knowing the answer to the nagging question Who killed Jenny Schecter? The original Showtime series about the lives of a group of lesbian friends in Los Angeles ended on a sour note for some fans.

(Whether Laurel Holloman, who played Tina in the original series, will make a cameo or two in the reboot remains unclear.).

Their relationship became strained and they broke up at the end of Season 1. Before Bette, Tina had only dated men. The L Word is an American-Canadian co-production television drama series portraying the lives of a group of lesbians and their friends, connections, family, and lovers in the trendy Greater Los Angeles, California city of West Hollywood.. The series originally ran on Showtime from January 18, to March 8, , and subsequently in syndication on Logo and through on-demand services.

WeloveTubes gives the most hot videos on free basis. Get on this porn paradize in just few clicks to find your favorite clips at Celebrities category. Jenny debuted on-screen during the pilot episode and remained until the series’ final episode.

Jennifer Beals Might Be “Super-Straight” but We’ll Always Have a Crush on Her

Warning: Contains spoilers for The L Word original series. The original series, which followed the lives of queer women in Los Angeles and ran from to , has continued to captivate viewers after it ended. This new iteration will no doubt inspire similar devotion from fans—new and old alike. The eight-episode show is set for a fall premiere on Showtime, but a date hasn’t been announced yet. More than ten years have passed since this show was on the air, so of course, there are going to be some cast change-ups.

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The original version of The L Word broke new ground for on-screen representation during its run on Showtime from to , so we can only imagine what the reboot will do. When Entertainment Weekly reunited the cast in May, a couple months before Showtime’s reboot made headlines, the actors were already abuzz about a second life for the show.

Then came the good news. In July, sources told Variety Showtime was developing a sequel series focusing on a new generation of women but featuring much of the original cast in acting and producing roles. Specifically, Jennifer Beals, Kate Moennig, and Leisha Hailey would serve as executive producers and appear on the show to bridge the old version with the new. While we eagerly wait for The L Word to make its triumphant return, let’s check in with the six women who starred in the original series for all six seasons.

Scroll down to read about their lives and careers in the past nine years. After playing the Tina to Jennifer’s Bette, Laurel didn’t do much acting — only a couple of guest starring roles, including an episode of Castle. Instead, this year-old has cultivated a painting career. In fact, her work has been shown in solo exhibitions in London, Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, and Berlin.

Pretty impressive! The year-old has also continued her music career as one half of the electropop band Uh Huh Huh, alongside now-ex-girlfriend Camila Grey. Katherine has stayed plenty busy since bringing Shane to life on The L-Word. The year-old — who’s Gwyneth Paltrow’s cousin, by the way — now stars on Ray Donovan , another Showtime show.

Question: Is Laurel Holloman Bi? Answer: YES!

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