Dating in Masculine & Feminine Energy

Dating in Masculine & Feminine Energy

You want someone to hold you, care for you and sweep you off your feet… A man who treasures you and sees not just your outer, but also your inner beauty when he looks deep into your eyes. We tend to attract the kinds of partners we think we deserve. Right will be able to see them either. The result? An unfulfilling relationship with Mr. Average or Mr. Plain Wrong. Similarly, you need to have faith that there are good, honest men out there.

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Is there a part of you that has given up hope of ever finding the love of your life? But, deep down, you secretly yearn for a committed, healthy, relationship with a man. A relationship that is so spectacular, you could see yourself spending the rest of your life with him?

When staying true to your feminine energy, it’s crucial to know that it isn’t a political statement, a backward step for womanhood, or an admission of any sort.

An alpha male can easily make your heart melt the minute you hear his voice and connect face-to-face. This is where your feminine energy and his masculine energy collide creating sexual chemistry. The reason these two energies work well together is that they are polar opposites. And you want more of what he has, masculine energy. Being a woman, you possess both energies.

However, males typically dominate with more masculine energy, whereas females rule more with feminine energy.

Male POV: What Masculine Energy Feels Like For a Man

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Suddenly, I was enjoying the dating process – and it was in this energy that I met Krishan. I was employing three key divine feminine skills while.

Online dating is a numbers game. As you are getting a lot of people looking at your profile, the same holds true for the men or women who you are conversing with. Many are dating more than one, which should be happening until you commit to being exclusive. While things have changed since I was in my teens dating, the law of masculine and female energy still holds true and men want to feel they are working and vying for your attention.

You will undoubtedly chase him away. So, guys, do the work. If you find someone who you like, take the step, take charge and make the initial moves. Have the woman meet you halfway emotionally.

5 Ways to Release Blocked Feminine Energy

I feel like in straight relationships, women typically display the more receptive, quiet feminine energy while the guy has the more forward-moving, masculine energy. A lot of guys are driven away by that but surprisingly, the more sensitive, emotional guys seem to be able to handle it. I can never just sit back and enjoy the moment and it can be pretty annoying to the guys I date.

Popular culture on the other hand would like you to believe that male and female are born equal. As a Dating Coach I deal with this rather too.

Almost exactly 6 years ago, the man I thought I was meant to marry vanished without a word. I was devastated to say the least. What seemed to be the biggest heartbreak of my life was actually the most amazing thing to happen in my life. I was led to the most important information I believe any woman could ever learn! The awareness of feminine energy and masculine energy and how it can either bring more love to you than you could ever imagine or push love away.

Your goddess energy — being, feeling, receiving, responding, allowing and trusting energy is your most empowered state. You are super charged with loving, healing energy. When we get out of our masculine energy — which is absolutely amazing — and stop thinking, doing, planning, advising, making things happen energy, we open up the space to receive love, guidance, and inspiration. I know I was Divinely led to my highest growth and expansion. I know deep in my soul — what I learned about men and love — is the most important information a woman could learn and put into practice on a daily basis.

We attract our energetic match.

Dating With Dana – How To Get A Man To Be Wild About You!

Updated: Sep 30, Dating coach Sami Wunder went from being an unlucky-in-love yet high-flying career woman to meeting the man of her dreams and having him propose after just nine months. Having turned her love life around, she decided to share her secrets with other women and is now the CEO of her own six figure coaching business.

When a woman leads with masculine energy (doing energy) in her romantic relationships, she will by definition attract a more feminine man. Now.

Having never married, I have spent my entire adult life in dating mode. And now I have learned that I have been doing it all wrong. I was unaware I had been emasculating men when it came to matters of the heart. My success in a business environment depended on effectively honing attributes that are associated with men. Directing and taking the lead is rewarded and valued in a business setting.

At times I was labeled bossy, aggressive and direct. In contrast, my male counterparts were not perceived in this way. A woman is considered unfeminine when she shows such qualities. In other words, she is in the masculine energy at these times. It is a double-edged sword. In dating, I mistakenly continued to use these same business traits to take control and ‘help’ a man ask for my phone number or make the plans for our dates.

Handing him my phone number without him asking, and proposing where I wanted to go for dinner once he asked me out. It was suggested that I was in the masculine energy in these instances.

What is feminine energy when dating?

When a woman possesses these traits, a man will naturally want to be more of a gentleman around her. Julie Ferman. Brooke Campbell. Wendy Whitmore. Cynthia Pickett.

Male energy vs female energy. I was watching some youtube channel from a dating coach. She had some interesting things to say, but one topic confused me.

Do you find often that you are the hunter? The pursuer – the chaser – actively seeking men out, approaching them, being very proactive and forward in trying to connect with men? You may even be doing the chasing and not even realize it. I know the love and dating game has changed drastically over the last decade and that finding a good man today seems to be a major battle and can feel almost impossible! Do you find yourself obsessing over your dating apps and potential matches – making you feel like you have absolutely no control over your romantic future because it’s all dependent on who does or doesn’t like you online?

Let me get you in on a little secret – well actually a huge massive secret that I learned on my journey to being a love and relationship coach. We go into our Masculine Energy center — the part of ourselves that tries to make things happen by chasing, pursuing and forcing things. The Masculine Energy wants to give, and this is where we as women get it all wrong. What we need to do instead is: lean back into our Feminine Energy center — the part of us where we feel secure within ourselves, our heart center — the side of us that is present to what is and just receives.

We process how that receiving feels from our man, how it feels in our body, and if we are in tune and present with our Feminine Energy we can then decide if it feels good and right to give back to our man. A high-quality masculine energy man wants to be the one pursuing you, and you WANT to be with a high-quality masculine energy man.

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Free Resources. June 04, 5 min read. I then spent the next 5 years as a single, sassy, career-focused, badass boss babe while riding an emotional rollercoaster of growth, self-discovery and epic Tinder fails. A few years into that journey, I discovered the world of personal development and was instantly hooked.

Every strong woman yearns for a strong man. You want someone You don’t have to compromise your strength to radiate feminine energy. Reserve that fierce​.

Everything you need to live a life in total balance from the authority in well-being. Deepen your well-being practices and develop techniques to teach others with a prestigious Chopra certification. Sun and moon. Light and dark. Day and night. Inhale and exhale.

How To Attract A Truly Masculine Man

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